Monday, September 1, 2008

Adult Fan Roll Call - Express your Stephenie Support!

This blog has been created as a channel for the adult fans of Stephenie Meyer to express our love and support of her. Given the recent feedback she has been exposed to on the Internet by a vocal minority of negative groups, we felt it was time for the enormous amount of fans who cherish her work to be heard. Particularly, the very large following of adult fans, who often get lost in the crowd of the more general audience. With experience, education and maturity on our side, we can express to Stephenie that we support her vision, all of her works and we will continue to do so.

To be heard in the mass of negative media that is alive across the Internet and other channels, we want you, the adult fan, to add comments to this post of support and positive reinforcement for her. We plan to call attention to this blog via the media and the Twilight fan sites, hoping not only to spread this positive message amongst these same channels, but also to reach out to her personally, allowing her to hear directly the support and appreciation we all feel.

Please begin commenting below with your message to Stephenie. Our personal message to her is this:

“Stephenie, we can only begin to imagine what you must have been going through over the past month. We are saddened by the negative feedback and reactions by some of the fandom and want you to know that we support your vision for your characters. You have created an amazing story to share with us, brought groups of friends together in the shared love of your books from literally around the world and re-invigorated the love of reading for many. We also know that you were extremely disappointed with the leak of Midnight Sun. We are here for you, just as you have been there for us, sharing your creativity and yourself. It’s your world to do with what you want and we are honored that you have let us all be a part of it.”

Most Sincerely,

Somethingblue and Ellejeez